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doTERRA:: Cocktails - so good!

Decadent Healthy Chocolate-- Rosemary Beach, Florida

Open House: Fundraiser Charity Event Celebration

Chase Sparks! --Outstanding Athlete Okalsoosa County Special Olympics

VIP- Vibe & Decadent Healthy Supports Local Charities. ---Special Olympics Okaloosa County, Florida

DHC- Grand Boulevard, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Decadent Healthy Chocolate -- Rosemary Beach, Florida.

doTERRA Fun Facts!! --- proves potency and affordability.

doTERRA for the common cold! -- Special Olympics Polar Plunge 2018

Decadent Healthy Chocolate does Ft. Walton Health Expo -- so much fun!

DIY!! -- you'll have blast and also make some money. What's not to like about that?

COPAIBA & CBD -- Game Changer!

doTERRA CPTG ESSENTIAL OIL !! prepared for every one of life's emergencies that gets thrown your way.

Special Olympics -- Okaloosa County, Florida - Smoke on the Coast 2018

Decadent Healthy Chocolate -- My chocolate can treat the common cold!!

DHC -- Wild Orange Chocolate Bark by Linda Schaefer

Destin Chamber of Commerce - Destin, Florida

DHC - Rosemary Beach, Florida --- made lots of friends.

Lavender Oil -- 1 little bottle treats so many aliments. How can you go wrong?

DHC storms Destiny Worship, Destin, Florida

doTERRA!! One Size Fits All! It's a user friendly package of magic for all sizes. You won't be disappointed.

VIP-Vibe & Decadent Healthy Chocolate celebrated FIERCE Women's Group - Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Jim & Nicks BBQ Team for July 4th celebrations & Smoke on the Coast.

July 4th Celebration's with Special Olympics and Smoke on the Coast -- so much fun!

Decadent Healthy Chocolate -- has a retail box for your counter top. Please join our Special Olympics fundraising efforts.

Decadent Healthy Chocolate ! -- I have a chocolate for every aliment known to mankind.

VIVA LAS VEGAS!! -- had a blast with Elivs!

New Year's Eve -- Special Olympics Extravaganza Fundraising Event & all the guests enjoy Decadent Healthy Chocolate.

Cabbage Dim Sum! with doTERRA Ginger Oil. Smashing family hit.

Off the Charts! Hawaiian Bread Chicken Tender Sliders !!

Super Easy! Super Good -- doTERRA Basil enhanced lasagna.

Decadent Healthy Chocolate -- At Last! - Chocolate that is healthy.

Mississippi Crock Pot Basil Pot Roast by Doterra. Insanely easy! OMG goodness!

Two utterly charming DHC Chocolatiers!

Grilled Shrimp with Lemon/Lime Chili Sauce by doTERRA.

Garlic Roasted Rosemary Thyme Smashed Red Potatoes by Doterra...